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2007/4 resumé



This year's fourth issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine brought forward in its section „Hungarian Destinies from Moravia on to the West“ an interview with László Kocsis, an ex Czechoslovakian diplomat. His career is a good example of the fact that, schools in Slovakia which teach in Hungarian can indeed form a good basis for future work and education, and that the fears many parents, that their children will be hadnicaped by being educated on such a school, are not justifiable.

The section „Hungarians in Bohemia, in Moravia and in Silesia“ is dedicated to the question of Hungaro-Slovakian reconciliation. We publish the most important reactions to the motion proposed by the „Magyar Koalíció Pártja“ political party in Slovakia.

The magazine also brings the testimonies of István Bakos about the velvet revolution in Prague, and of Ferenc Gereben about how he signed a protest against the persecution of Charta 77 signatories happening in former Czechoslovakia in Budapest in the late seventies.

In József Szilvássy's extensive article he informs the readers about the history and present of the cultural organization of Hungarians in Slovakia known by the name of Csemadok.

The famous hungarian operetta Csardas queen is back to Prague, directed by Gábor Miklós Kerényi. An interview with him can be found in the „Film, theathre, TV“ section.

Vince Tomi, a sports journalist, writes about Olympic medalists from Hungary and former Czechoslovakia.

Samples from Czech literature - short prose by Jan Drozd - were translated by Margit Zádor.

The regular magazine appendix Tükörkép bring forward a detailed programme of the upcoming Days of Hungarian culture in Brno, Ostrava, Prague and Teplice.

Zoltán Troskó describes his experience from the national „socio-cultural“ weekend, which was held this September in the town of Kouty in the south of Moravia. About his relations to Hungary and Hungaries we have interviewed the Czech minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg.

A traditional component of the appendix is the section for children.