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2005/1 resumé



The 2005/1 issue of Prágai Tükör begins with an anniversary: the former editor of the journal, the Hungarian scholar Péter Rákos would be eighty years old this year. As an example of his legacy, we offer the reader one of his remarkable essays. The next contribution is also related to a birthday: the author of numerous articles of the journal, the Hungarian scholar Tamás Berkes is fifty. We are starting a new section called Treasure Hunting that focuses on forgotten documents of the Czech-Hungarian relationship. The author of the first “treasure” is László Lakatos who reports on his journey to Prague in 1917. In his essay, István Vadai goes back to the first great Hungarian Renaissance poet Bálint Balassi who was born 450 years ago. The Our History section brings Tibor Ács' article about the famous mathematician János Bolyai and his relationship to Czech lands. In the A Few Books section, Ferenc Bíró reviews Ferenc Vörös' book about Hungarian surnames used in Slovakia. The About Languages - About our Language section brings Veronika Heé's article about the position of languages of member countries in the European Union and about communication problems within the Union. There are two articles in The Media section: Attila Detáry writes about the decrease of reading during the last two decades as well as the launch of the “Big Read” project in Hungary; Attila Gál informs about the recently created www.soumar.cz website whose aim is to popularise Hungarian literature in the Czech Republic. The Meeting of Cultures section offers Lucie Szymanowska's interview with the well-known Czech translator of Hungarian literature Dana Gálová. Pavel Sladký reviews the new Hungarian film Kontroll which is a success in the Czech movies. Attila Gál informs about the exhibition of 12 contemporary Hungarian artists called Outlook held in the Prague Hungarian Cultural Centre. The Some Literature section presents two writers through their short stories: the Hungarian Ottó Tolnai (born in Serbia) and the Czech Jaromír Štětina.

In the supplement of the journal, (Tü)körkép Éva Weszely calls on the members of the Hungarian community to contribute more intensively to the journal. There are some news about social events: the ball organized by the Bohemia club in Budapest and another one organized by the Association of Hungarians in Prague. The further contributions inform about the Hungarian Cultural Festival held in Teplice, the meeting of the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs with the representatives of the Hungarian community in the Czech Republic and about the programme changes of the M2 satellite channel. In the series about the sponsors of the journal, VIDEOTON Prague is introduced. Out of the Hungarian Nobel-prize winners, this issue presents János Polányi (John C. Polanyi). (Tü)körkép starts a new series of ethnographic articles, contains the regular Children's Pages and the programmes of the local Hungarian clubs for the following couple of months.