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2005/5 resumé



The 2005/5 issue of Prágai Tükör commemorates Péter Rákos who would be eighty years old this year. The former Charles University professor was one of the founders of our journal as well as the Association of Hunagrians in the Czech Republic. The memorial conference held in the Budapest Czech Centre on 7 November 2005 was devoted to Rákos' legacy.

The journal brings the contributions delivered by the participants: Valéra Fukári spoke about her correspondence with her professor, Jenő Gál and László Zeman showed Rákos the teacher, István Fried analysed Rákos as a mediator in the Czech-Hungarian relations, József Jankovics presented Rákos' work in the field of Hungarian Studies, Endre Bojtár summed up Rákos' contribution to the history and theory of literature and Tamás Berkes presented Rákos' works related to the questions of national features and identity.

In the following Topical section, Péter Morvay presents the recent changes and trends in politics of the Central European region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia). The A Few Books section offers a review by Tibor Szentandrási on Benjamin Kuras' new book (Je život na Marxu? - Is There Life on the Mars?) that was translated by Margit Zádor and published by Kalligram. The Our History section brings the last part of Helena Nosková's series about the post-war history of the Hungarian minority in the former Czechoslovakia. It focuses on the period after 1948, especially the deportation of the members of the Hungarian minority from South Slovakia to Bohemia and its consequences. The Miscellaneous section informs about Václav Havel's visit to Hungary. The Passages from Czech Literature offers Josef Heyduk's mini-profile including one of his short-stories translated by Margit Zádor.

The supplement of the journal, (Tü)Körkép, starts with the Mosaic section where there is a report on the trip to Cracow organized for the members of the Association of Hungarians. The following contributions inform about the Festival of Hungarian Culture held by the local organizations of the Association of Hungarians in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Teplice. There is also an interview with the famous Hungarian actor from Slovakia Mátyás Dráfi who recently visited Prague. The supplement also brings last part of the ethnographical series that tells us about the everyday life of country people in the past and ends with the Children's Pages which focus on the folk tradition of Christmas time.