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2006/3 resumé



The 2006/3 issue of the journal Prágai Tükör begins with the A Few Books section where Judit Hamberger reviews Eva Irmanová's book „The Hungarian minority in Slovakia and its role in the foreign policy of Slovakia and Hungary after 1989”. There is also a passage from the book: the speech of the former Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán (delivered in 2002) on Hungary's integration to the European Union and the international feed-back of the speach. In the About Languages - About Our Language section, Tünde Mészáros informs about a survey comparing the use of language of Hungarians in Hungary and ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia. In the Topical section, János Zoltán Kokes presents the project called “Visegrád - Terra Interculturalis“ whose aim is to support the co-operation of minorities in the countries of the Visegrád Four. There is an interview with the director of the Prague Hungarian Cultural Centre, György Varga, about the activities of the institute during this year and the programmes planned for the next year. The usual passage from Hungarian literature comes from Péter Esterházy's novel „Hrabal's book“. In the Meeting of Cultures section, we present the well-known translator, Dana Gálová, who has translated several Hungarian books into Czech and who was awarded an important literary prize in Hungary. Ferenc Bíró reviews István Lőkös' book exploring remarkable sites of Hungarian literature in Slovakia. Malvína Toupalová reports on Szabolcs Hajdu's film „White Palms“ that met with success on Czech summer film festivals (Karlovy Vary, Uherské Hradiště). Éva Weszely informs about the events of the Hungarian Cultural Days in Pilsen that included art exhibitions, films and literary evenings. The remarkable translator, Margit Zádor, writes about her and her husband's stay in the USA. In the mini-profile of Czech literature, Margit Zádor presents the Czech film director and screen-play writer Igor Chaun through two of his short stories.

The supplement of the journal, Tükörkép, begins with the programme of the summer camp in Medlov designed for the members of the Association of Hungarians living in the Czech Republic. There is also the programme of a September journey to Subcarpathia organized by Ferenc Farkas. The following articles inform about various events organized by the Teplice club in the spring period, the life of the Prague and Brno folk groups and a journey to Transylvania taken by two Hungarian students from Prague. The journal ends with the Children's Pages where we present the famous Hungarian writer Éva Janikovszky.