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2006/4 resumé



The issue 2006/4 of the journal Prágai Tükör in its A Few Books section features Bohemist and historian László G. Kovács, expert on Czech-Hungarian cultural relations, reviewing Péter Kocsis' „cultural guide“ on Prague titled „Prague Capriccio“ (Prágai capriccio). The subject of the next review is the novel „Tales of the Past “ (Mesél a múlt) by Tímea Pénzes, in which the author renders the 20th century history of her family in a literary form. On the apropos of the novel the journal also features Szilvia Szarka interviewing Tímea Pénzes, the talented young author of Slovakian origin, up to the recent times living in Prague. The interview is followed by an excerpt from the novel. The present issue of the Prágai Tükör features one following we present the latest issue of Amicus, a magazine in Czech dealing with the Czech-Hungarian relations, which has been published this year in a form of an almanac. In the column Our History we bring the Hungarian translation of an essay by Eva Irmanova titled: Displacement of German Ethnic Minority from Hungary in 1945-48. It is followed by an article by Jenő Gál in memory of Helena Němcová, the recently deceased founding editor of the Amicus. In the About Languages - About Our Language section linguist Gizella Szabómihály presents Linguistic Office Gramma, a linguistic workshop for research of the language usage of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Slovakia. In our literary column we commemorate the recently deceased Hungarian writer of Transylvanian origin András Sütő with a passage from one of his novels. In the Meeting of Cultures literary historian and Bohemist Tamás Berkes presents a summarizing study on reception of the Hungarian literature in the Czech Republic, surveying the most significant Hungarian literary works translated into Czech and giving an outline of the history of the Czech - Hungarian literary relations from the 1930s up to the present. Bohemist Rita Küű recently has made an attempt to compile the bibliography of those Czech literary works which have been translated into Hungarian. In her essay published in our magazine she writes on the process of compiling this bibliography and on the publishing houses in Hungary and Slovakia, which also publish these pieces of Czech literature. In the following article art historian Veronika Farkas reports on the recent exhibition of Zsuzsa Lőrincz, a renowned graphic artist living in Prague, which was held in Komarno, Slovakia in the Limes Gallery. The following article features the second part of the itinerary by the renowned couple of literary translators, Margit Zádor and András Zádor of their journey to the U.S. The mini-profile of Czech literature this time presents a short story by Jiří Suchý, translated by Margit Zádor, who also presents the works of the renowned dramaturgist, actor and producer Jiří Suchý.

In the supplement of the journal Tükörkép Éva Weszely informs on this year's of the annual cultural event in Medlov organized by the Association of Hungarians in the Czech Republic as well as on the meeting of the Hungarian minority living in Western Europe which took place in Kufstein. The author of the following article anthropologist and museologist Lilla Alida Kristóf writes on discovery of the mummy of Antonia Tauber, a nun born in Brno, in the crypt of the Dominican church in Vac. The Children's Pages focus on reports on the summer camps for children and we can get familiar with several folkways in the fall.