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2007/5 resumé



This years last issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine has the same structure as the previous four issues. The section named „Hungarian destinies from Moravia on to the West“ contains an extensive interview with Mátyás Somogyi, who has been the Prague reporter for the Bratislava based daily newspaper Új Szó from the second half of the sixties to the beginning of the ninetieth. Mátyás Somogyi talks in detail of his childhood years and of his experiences during that period.

The section „Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia“ is dedicated to the announcement, stating there has been evidence uncovered which indicates, that the remains of an important Hungarian politician in Czechoslovakia are laid to rest in a mass grave located in the Motol cemetary in Prague. Historians Aleš Kýr and Alena Kafková explained in an interview, what documents were uncovered and what is it they unveiled. Count Esterházy died as a political prisoner in the year 1957 in the prison Mírov and until recently the whereabouts of his remains were unknown.

An article by historian József Kiss about the Czech edition of the famous novel „Boys from the Paul street“ by Ferenc Móra is published in the section „Hungarians and Czechs - History and Past“. Another article describes the famous Hungarian-Czech king, Ladislav the fifth.

The section named „From Prague to Bucarest“ discusses amongs others the Budapest located exhibit of the faous Hungarian painter Mihály Hajnal, now living in Prague. Another interesting article is about the undergoing investigation which aims to locate the remains of the former commander of the north Hungarian castle of Eger, István Dobó. His name has been made famous thanks to a book written by Géza Gárdonyi.

The library contains a review of the book by Pravoslav Kneidl named „Encounters with Prague“. The author is a leading Hungarian expert on Czech culture, Pál E. Fehér.

Vince Tomi describes to the readers two Golden ball award holders from the past century, Flórián Albert and Josef Masopust.

An excerpt from Czech literature, from the work of Iva Pekárková, was translated by Margit Zádor.

The appendix named Tükörkép gives a thorough report on the foundation of the Hungarian doctors in Czech Republic association which took place in Prague. Mária Dědinová was elected as the chairperson of the association. Kinga Göncz, the Hungarian minister for foreign affairs, talks about her relationship with Prague. And as has become a tradition, part of the appendix is dedicated to children.