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2009/2 resum



The second issue of the magazine Prgai Tkr presents in its section named Hungarian destinies from Moravia to the West an interview with Mrs. Magda mejkalov, the organizational secretary of the Union of Hungarians living in the Czech lands. Magda mejkalov was born in southern Slovakia and came to Prague to study in the mid 70s. Upon completing her studies she settled down in Prague, worked in several factories and finally found her destiny in the Union of Hungarians. In the meantime she brought up two sons. She describes in detail her life, her acquintances with the Czech and Czech reality, her hobbies, her relation to the Hungarian culture as well as her experiences from working for the Union where she had also found her lifetime partner.

The section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia informs about this years pious gathering in Mrov at the memorial of Jnos Esterhzy, a tragically deceased Hungarian politician from midwar Czechoslovakia. A large group from Poland had also participated at this years gathering.

The section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present is again very extensive. It contains sources about the award of the Adalbert Prize in Prague to the Hungarian ex-president rpd Gncz, or an article about compensation of previous Czechoslovak citizens expelled from sub-Carpathian Russia.

With regard to the year 2009 being the year of the Hungarian language, a university professor Istvn H. Tth is concerned with the oldest classification of the history of the Hungarian language. We are presenting you the second part of his interesting article.

The section from Prague to Bucharest informs about the preparation of a collective Hungarian-Slovakian high school history textbook, as well as about the fact that the Hungarian government will not decrease assistance to Hungarians living abroad despite the worldwide financial and economical crisis.

Modern Hungarian literature is represented by the writer Lajos Nagy Parti. Radek Patloka is both the author of the article as well as of the translation of the extract.

Czech literature in the magazine is represented by Emil Hakls short story, translated by Margit Zdor.

Appendix Tkrkp brings photostory from the opening of the summer spa season in Teplice, from the local Hungarian ball, it informs of the creation of a new basic organization in Lovosice and about cultural event in Brno. Literary evening held in Prague for the memory of hundreth birth anniversary of the poet Mikls Radnti is described in detail.

A part of this appendix contains materials for children, we are printing pictures drawn by children from a Hungarian kindergarden in Prague.