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2009/3 resumé



The third issue of the magazine Prágai Tükör presents in its section Hungarian destinies from Moravia to the West an interview with Mrs. Anna Rákóczi, the national president of the Union of Hungarians living in the Czech lands. Anna Rákóczi was born in southern Slovakia near Nitra and has been living in Ostrava since the early eighties. She has actively participated in the events of November 1989, later she has worked for the local government in Ostrava and for a few years now she has been the head of the Union of Hungarians living in Czech lands. In the meantime she managed to bring up two daughters. She describes in detail her life, her acquintances with the reality in Ostrava, her love of poetry, of culture and of travelling. She also comments on the issues of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Czech republic and also confesses she has found a new husband amongst the members of the Union.

The section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silezia informs about this year´s gathering of national Hungarian organizations functioning in eastern Europe and the Baltic states, which took place in Prague at the House of national minorities.

The section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present informs about the awarding of a hungarian honorary government medal to the president of the Czech center in Budapest, Jenő Gál. It also includes a report on the parade of the Hungarian army on the Old Town square in Prague.

With regard to the year 2009 being the year of the Hungarian language, university professor István H. Tóth continues in his series about the history of the Hungarian language. We are presenting you the third part of his interesting article.

The section from Prague to Bucharest informs, amongst other topics, about the different ways European countries have approached the use of minority languages.

Modern Hungarian literature is represented by the writer Vilmos Csányi. Radek Patloka is both the author of the article as well as of the translation of the extract.

Czech literature in the magazine is represented by Jan Novák´s short story, translated by Margit Zádor.

Appendix Tükörkép brings an article and a photostory from Kouty, where this years culturaly-educational weekend took place. Many came to visit this year, especially members of the Union of Hungarians. We also bring news about the exhibition of Zsuzsa Lőrincz in the city of Komárno, and about the literary evening of the poet Imre Papp taking place in the same city.

A traditional part of the appendix is the popular section for children containing fairy tales and poetry.