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2009/5 resum



This years fifth and last issue of the Prgai Tkr magazine brings in its section Hungarian fates west of Moravia an interview with the artist Lrincz Zsuzsa. She comes from the city of Bratislava but she studied fine arts at the university in Prague. She tells us in detail about her childhood in Bratislava and her studies in Prague under professor Ladislav epelk. She tells us about the great atmosphere and the wonderful relationships she has formed with her colleagues, who were always ready to help her during all her years as a student. She gives us first hand testimony about how the Hungarian students union, the Ady Endre club, has worked in the eighties. She describes to us the atmosphere of the Velvet revolution and tells us about the activities of the Union of Hungarians at that time.

In the section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia you can find the portrait of the poet Papp Imre, who lives in Prague.

The section Hungarians and the Czechs - the past and the present brings us a large scale report from the symposium dedicated to the Hungarian language and literature, which took place in the beginning of November in Prague, in the House of nationalities.

A popular section of the magazine entitled Our mother tongue brings to the readers the fifth and last chapter of the series by professor H. Tth Istvn about the Hungarian language, published for the occasion of the year 2009 being the year of the Hungarian language. Another article is one by professor Ndor Orsolya about the viability and survivability of the Hungarian language.

Czech literature is represented in the magazine by the story entitled Pamtky written by David Jan Novotn. The Hungarian translation was written by renowned translator Zdor Margit.

The appendix Tkrkp reports about the days of Hungarian culture that took place in the city of Ostrava and informs about the whereabouts and activities of the Unions branch in Pilsen.

A freshman at Charles University Kecsks Katalin talks about her first impressions from the metropolis.

As part of the appendix we have our traditional section with children's materials. We have printed the artworks of the children attending the Hungarian kindergarten in Prague.