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2010/3 resumé



The section Hungarian fates west of Moravia of this years third edition of the Prágai Tükör magazine brings an exclusive interview with Jaroslav Fiala. He was born in East Slovakia in a mixed nationality family to Czech-Hungarian parents. You will find out about his life, the great relationships between all the members of his family and about his relationship to both cultures and languages. After the regime change, Jaroslav Fiala moved to Prague, where he soon got close to the local Hungarian community and became an important representative of the Association of Hungarians. He also presents his opinions on the activities of the Association.

The following section - Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia - is dedicated to the one hundred year anniversary of the birthday of József Blaskovics, who is a professor at Charles University and a renowned expert on Turkey. His life and works are introduced in detail by his pupils - Ernő Ozogány and László Kocsis.

Anna Rákóczi reports on the ceremonial act to commemorate the anniversary of the death of János Esterházy, an influential pre-war Slovakian politician of Hungarian origin and nationality, which took place in the Moravian town of Mírov. The report is published in the section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present.

The section from Prague to Bucharest informs the readers about the results of this year’s parliamentary elections in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. It also brings news about the first decisions taken by the new Hungarian government.

The section Film, theatre and television reports on the events of the annual film festival taking place in Karlovy Vary.

Modern Hungarian literature is represented by the author Atilla Bartis. The author of the article is Alžběta Vaculíková.

Czech literature is represented in this issue by a short story by Jiří Hájíček. Translation is by renown translator Margit Zádor.

The appendix Tükörkép brings a photo report of this year’s spa season in Teplice, as well as of the events of the Pilsen branch of the association and brings yet another volume of family stories of Tatiana Poljaková.

Part of the appendix is the traditional section containing materials for children.