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2010/4 resumé



In its section Hungarian fates west of Moravia of this year’s fourth issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine brings an interview with Mrs. Farkas Éva, who is a founding member of the Hungarian Union. Mrs. Farkas moved to Czech Republic during the end of the seventies with her husband - an army officer. Since the establishment of union she became very active and remains so to this day - she is an acting member of the national board and the president of the Prague chapter of the Hungarian Union. Her insight and experience paint a very interesting picture of the Union of Hungarians.

A preview from the soon to be published book mapping half a century of the existence of the Ady Endre student club in Prague is published in the section named Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The author, Tihamér Lacza, who is a Hungarian publicist currently active in Slovakia, is a former student and member from Prague.

The section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the future presents an original article about the Hungarian personal secretary of Tomáš Masaryk - the founder of the Czechoslovakian republic. The author of the article is Pál. E. Fehér. In this section we also bring the sad news about the passing away of professor Richard Pražák, an expert on Hungarian history and culture.

In the new section entitled Bookshelf you can find out more about Hungarian books available in the Czech National Library in Klementinum. The article by Klára Truchlá is the first of a series of articles on Hungarian treasures hidden in the archives of Klementinum.

Ildikó Cséfalvay will serve as your guide to Prague’s pubs in the section named Sports, humor and curiosities.

In the section entitled History at a glance you will find an article by the university professor István H. Tóth about the crisis of the medieval Hungarian state.

Modern Hungarian literature is represented by the writer Zoltán Poós. The translator and the author the article is Alžběta Vaculíková.

In this issue, Czech literature is represented by a short novel by Věra Nosková. Translation is by the renown translator Margit Zádor.

The appendix Tükörkép documents this year’s national educational weekend in Kouty. We bring two different views of the event.

As usually, the last part of the magazine is dedicated to children.