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2010/5 resum



This years fifth and last issue of the magazine Prgai Tkr in the section Hungarian Fates West of Moravia brings an interview with Lszl Szke, the Hungarian ambassador to the Czech Republic. Mr. Szke discusses his childhood Christmas and Christmas he spent in Iraq, in the USA and in Sweden. He talks positively about activities of Hungarian organizations in the Czech Republic, especially about the Coexistence movement and the Union of Hungarians living in Czech Republic.

In this fifth issue we bring you more excerpts from the upcoming book about the Ady Endre student club, which is mapping over half a century of the clubs activities. Documents mapping the sixties are published in the section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The author, who himself studied in Prague, is Tihamr Lacza, a publicist currently living in Slovakia.

The section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present brings news about the honors awarded to the Czech publicist Bohumil Doleal and about the visit of the Hungarian president Pl Schmitt in Karlovy Vary, where Pl Schmitt was attending a conference of the four presidents of the Visegrd four.

In the section named Bookshelf you can read about the Hungarian books in the National Library of the Czech Republic in Klementinum. Klra Truchls article is the second chapter of a series of articles about Hungarian treasures in Klementinum.

In the section Film, theater and television we focus on the meeting of the Hungarian actress Mari Trcsik with the Czech director Ji Menzel.

Czech literature is represented in this issue by Daniela Fischers narrative, translated by renown translator Margit Zdor. She also wrote a short portrait of the author.

The appendix Tkrkp brings us the memories of 1956 from Ladislav Kocsis and another chapter of Family stories by Tatiana Poljakov.

Part of the appendix is also the traditional childrens section.