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2011/3 resum



Under the section Hungarian fates west of Moravia of this years third issue of the Prgai Tkr magazine you can find an interview with Klra Truchl, who is an expert employee of the Czech National Library in Prague. Madame Truchl is of Croatian nationality but she originally comes from Hungary and has moved to Prague and married a Czech man at the end of the eighties. She studied at the Zagreb University and in the interview she tells us in detail about the situation, which was in Hungary and Yugoslavia during the eighties. Particularly interesting is her comparison of the situation and everyday problems in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, where she moved in 1989.

In the section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia we publish another chapter from the yet unpublished book about the Ady Endre student club in Prague from the author Tihamr Lacza, a renowned Hungarian publicist living in Slovakia.

The section Bookshelf brings another article by Klra Truchl about the precious Hungarian books and documents stored in Pragues Klementinum library.

Readers interested in Hungarian history of the 19th century will find more on this topic in the section Looking into the past. The author of the article is Professor Istvn H. Tth. The article is dedicated to the Hungarian revolution in the years 1848/1849.

The section entitled Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present talks about the visit of Lszl Kvr, the president of the Hungarian National Assembly.

In the section From Prague to Bucharest we inform about a new memorial dedicated to the writer Jan Kollr located in Budapest.

The section Film, theatre and television covers the international film festival in Karlovy Vary.

Modern Hungarian literature is represented by the writer Ferenc Barns. Translation and the article were written by Albta Vaculkov.

Czech literature is represented in the magazine by a short story by Jinika Smetanov. Translation by renown translator Margit Zdor.

The appendix Tkrkp brings readers articles about the activities of branch organizations of the Union in Pilsen, Lovosice, Prague and Ostrava. We also publish another chapter from the family stories of Tatiana Poljakov.

Part of the appendix is as usually also pictures and a childrens section.