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2012/2 resumé



This years (2012) second issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine, in its section Hungarian fates west of Moravia, brings the readers an interview with Iveta Pospíšilová, the president of the Union of Hungarians in Lovosice. In the interview Iveta talks about the village she was born in, about her studies at the conservatory in Košice and about the activities of the Union of Hungarians in Litoměřice and then Lovosice. She points out the good cooperation between a local music school and the city of Lovosice as well as about various events organized by the Union in the city. She also tells us a little of her plans for the future.

The section Hungarians in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia brings informs the readers in detail about the tenth meeting of the Union of Hungarians in Bohemia and Moravia, which took place in March in Prague. Amongst other we print in full the speech of the president, Anna Rákóczi. Anna Rákóczi was reelected at the meeting to serve another term as the Unions president.

In the section entitled Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present talks amongst other about the celebrations of the 55th anniversary of the foundation of the student club bearing the name of the poet Ady Endre (AED) in Prague. At the memorial service in Prague many former member students as well as current member met together and a book was published about the history of the student club.

The section Bookshelf informs amongst others about the book entitled Sziget a szárazföldön, which talks about the history of AED and was written by Tihamér Lacza, the famous publicist living in Slovakia.

In the section From Prague to Bucharest we bring the readers news about the newly elected Hungarian president - János Áder. We also bring information about the results of the census done in Slovakia, which again shows a decrease in Hungarian population.

The section Film, theatre and television talks about the famous film festival in Uherské Hradiště, where this year’s main attraction is Hungarian cinema.

Czech literature is represented in the magazine by a short novel by Ladislav Pecháček entitled Černá orchidej, which was translated into Hungarian by renowned translator Margit Zádor. She also included a short portrait of the author.

The appendix Tükörkép brings a few articles about the latest events of the Unions branches and about the memorial service that took place in Zlatá Koruna. We also write about the World of the book event that took place in Prague.

Part of the appendix is the traditional section containing materials for children.