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2012/4 resumé



This year’s fourth issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine brings its readers an interview with Mr. Károly Mátis, the president of the Associations’ Prague chapter. You can find it in the section Hungarian fates west of Moravia.

Károly Mátis, a veterinary doctor by trade, has been a professional soldier in the Czechoslowak military and has acted as the commanding officer of the veterinary service. In the interview he talks about his university studies in the city of Kosice, about the cooperation of Hungarian officers within the army, about his activities in the Association of Hungarians, his ideas regarding the activities of the Association and about his hobbies. He advocates a belief that all have to do their part for the Hungarian identity to survive.

The section Hungarians and Czechs - the past and the present informs about the activities of a number of politicians, who have set out to eradicate the necessity to use the -ova suffix in women’s names.

The section From Prague to Bucharest informs the readers about the efforts of some Hungarian civil organization in Slovakia to allow the official use of two languages. The article is brought to you by Éva Rác, our reported in Bratislava.

Elza Žďárová describes her personal experience from the giant Budapest music festival Sziget, one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Europe. The article can be found in the section Film, theatre and Television.

Zoltan Kokes brings you detailed information on the successes of Hungarian athletes at the summer Olympic Games, which can be found in the section Sports, humor and curiosities.

Contemporary Hungarian literature is represented in the magazine by the author Krisztián Grecsó. The article is by Alžběta Vaculíková and can be found in the section Contemporary Hungarian literature.

Modern Czech literature is represented by the author Josef Moník. The author of the profile and the translation is renowned Hungarian translator living in Prague, Margit Zádor.

Also the appendix Tükörkép is rich in content. Personal experiences from the state educational weekend written by Tatiána Poljaková, followed by some thought on problems that occurred on the same event by Éva Weszely. We are also happy to inform, that on the 1st of December a concert of the legendary Omega rock group will take place in the Prague Lucerna.

And as always, in the appendix can find the traditional section for children.