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2013/1 resumé



The Prágai Tükör magazine, published by the Union of Hungarians living in Bohemia and Moravia, has increased its publishing frequency this year - instead of the five issues each year the magazine will henceforth be published bimonthly. And after 20 years of black and white issues the magazine will from now on be printed in color.

The traditional orientation of the magazine, which is to bring news about the Hungarian minority living in the Czech Republic and give them relevant and specific information about related events, remains unchanged.

In this year’s first issue, in the section named „Society – chronicle” we bring a portrait of the new president of the Czech Republic and a short interview with the new Hungarian ambassador in Prague, Mr. Tibor Pető. This section also contains materials about the abundant activities of Hungarian organizations in the Czech Republic in the previous year and the beginning of this year: for example the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the base Union of Hungarians in Ostrava or the traditional Hungarian ball in Prague.

The section Czechs and Hungarians is also very rich in articles in this year’s first issue: it contains, amongst others, interesting articles on Emil Holub, the Czech Livingstone or the Hungarian manager of the Prague observatory. The authors of the articles are László Kiss and Tihamér Lacza.

The new section Hungarian monuments in Bohemia and Moravia brings the readers a rich article describing many of Prague’s related monuments and sights. The article, written by Ildikó Cséfalvay, is part of a six episode series.

The section entitled „Carpathian basin” informs the readers about various events in Hungarian communities all over Slovakia, Serbia and Austria.

Readers will find articles on the return of the crown of St. Stephen to Hungary and on the tragedy that has befallen the Hungarian army during the 2nd World War in the curve of the Don River in the next section entitled „Looking into the past”.

Culture and media is the title of the next section of this year’s first issue of the Prágai Tükör magazine and brings our readers articles about the successful concert of the legendary Hungarian rock band Omega and information about the 90th anniversary of the death the writer Jaroslav Hašek.

Our readers will find information about the Hungarian cultural treasures found in the Viennese Hofburg in the section Curiosities, sports and humor. The author of the article is Katalin M. Pálfy.

The conflict between Czech Republic and Poland about the memorial of an officer of the Czech army in Silesia and the changes in the pension insurance are the two topics of the section entitled „Recent news”.