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2013/3 resum



Information about the varied activities of the Union of Hungarians living in the Czech Republic and other Hungarian organizations, interesting articles on history, culture and famous Hungarian figures those are the contents of this years third issue of the Prgai Tkr magazine.

The section Society a chronicle contains an article on the election congress of the political movement Coexistence, an article on the memorial ceremony in honor of Jnos Esterhzy in Mrov, an article on the Hungarian science seminar organized by the Society of Artr Grgey and finally a report on the visit of the Hungarian ambassador to st nad Labem.

The column Bohemians and Hungarians brings our readers the history of the Prissnitz spa located on historical Hungarian territory and reminds readers of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Bohemia association - Friends of Czech culture club.

The Adalbert price awarded to Petr Pithart and the Hungarian prize of honor awarded to the head of the Sudetgerman bureau Petr Barton are the main topics of the next section entitled Carpathian basin. It also contains news about the Ex Libris award that has been awarded to the Prgai Tkr magazine and the Hungarian students club in Brno, KAFEDIK.

The third episode of the series on Hungarian traces found in Bohemian and Moravian historical monuments is in this issue focused on the Moravian-Silesian region.

The founder of Hungarian astronomy - Mikls Konkoly-Thege is the theme of the next section, Looking into history.

The section Culture and media writes about the price awarded to Ji Menzel in Cluj, about the 100th anniversary of the birth of an important Hungarian actress Hilda Gobbi and about the Hungarian participation on the book fair in Prague.

Particularly interesting are the articles describing the most famous villas in Hungary and the search for the portrait of the Hungarian mathematician Jnos Bolyai.

The section entitled We found out tells us that new trams for the Hungarian city of Miskolc are manufactured in Plzen.