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2013/4 resumé



A report about the traditional cultural-educational weekend of the Union of Hungarians living in Bohemia and Moravia is the opening article of the fourth issue of Prágai Tükör. It has been one of the most important activities of the Union for several years.

Society-Chronicle is the title of the next section, which informs about the death of Árpád Duka-Zólyomi. This Hungarian individual who significantly helped Czech Hungarians will be remembered by the chairmen of the Union, the movement Coexistentia and the GAT association.

The section Czechs and Hungarians brings an article about the relationship between István Széchenyi and Czechs. The author of the article is László Kiss. There are also articles about the meeting of Czech and Hungarian partner towns in the Hungarian town of Tata.

Pál Csáky, a Hungarian politician from Slovakia, is contemplating the fate of the Hungarian community in Slovakia. The article is published in the section Carpathian basin.

The section Hungarian monuments in Bohemia and Moravia introduces readers to Hungarian monuments in West Bohemia.

The section Look in the past brings an interesting material about count Gábor Bethlen. The author of the article is Tihamér Lacza.

The world famous Zsolnay ceramics from the town of Pécs is introduced in the section Culture- media. This section also informs that a Hungarian film won at this years´s world film festival in Karlovy Vary.

The section Interests, sport, humour presents a portrait of a famous Hungarian sportsman, seafarer Nándor Fa.

The Section We learned informs that Vietnamese and Belarussians became members of the council for minorities.