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2013/5 resum



Written and pictorial information on the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Hungarians living in Bohemia and Moravia in Brno is one of the main articles of this years fifth issue of the Prgai Tkr magazine. The article can be found in the section Society a chronicle.

The section Czechs and Hungarians brings the readers an interesting article describing the view of the Czech society in 1825 through the eyes of a Hungarian physician. Author of the article is the publicist Lszl Kiss. The next article in this section reports about the presentation of Czech music in Budapest.

We talk about the cooperation between the countries of the Warsaw pact on the matter of nuclear power in the magazine section entitled Carpathian basin. Other articles in this section include: the new archbishop of Trnava is Jnos Orosch; the conference on the Hungarian Diaspora in Budapest.

In the section Hungarian historical monuments in Bohemia and Moravia we introduce our readers to the historical monument that can be found in southern Bohemia. The article was assembled by Ildik Csfalvay.

A look into the past is the name of the next section, which brings the readers an interesting article discussing the issue of unlawful course of action that took place after World War 2 at Petralka and an article discussing the 100th anniversary of the passing of a eminent Hungarian orientalist rmin Vmbry. The author is the publicist Tihamr Lacza.

The presentation of Bohumil Hrabals drama I served the king of England in the Hungarian theatre in Cluj is the topic of the section Culture media. Our readers will also find articles about new books on the history of Hungarian and Slovakian coexistence here.

The section Trivia, sports and humour we print the profile of Kroly Gundel, the most renowned entrepreneur in Hungarian gastronomy.

The section We found out talks about the Czech-Austrian polemic on the question of the eviction of the Czechs from Sudetenland before the second World War.