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2014/3 resum



This years third issue of the Prgai Tkr magazine, in its section Society a chronicle, brings its readers a report on the celebration of the ending of World War 2 in Zlat Koruna, where Hungarian soldiers fallen in the fight against the Nazis are buried. It also informs about the honors received by Professor Lajos Csmy and the passing away of the chairperson of the Coexistentia movement, Sndor Plffy. We also publish an article to commemorate the former chairperson of the Hungarian student union AED in Prague, Istvn Bajnok.

In the section Bohemians and Hungarians we publish an article on the work of the Czech physician Jan Nepomuk Czermak in the Pest hospital in the 19th century. The author of the article is the publicist Lszl Kiss.

In the section Carpathian basin we look back at the Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Pact.

The publicist Ern Ozogny wrote an interesting article on an important historical figure of Hungarian science, the scientist Samuel Mikoviny. It is published in the section Scientists, inventors, travelers. This section also contains an article on the scientist Le Szilrd, who is considered to be one of the fathers of the atomic bomb.

Ern Ozogny is also the author of the article with a historical theme on the first Hungarian women to fly a plane. We published it in the section A look into the past.

We also commemorate the great peasant uprising headed by Gyrgy Dzsa. The section it is published in is A look into the past.

This year, Hungary was the guest of honor at the Prague literary festival Svt knihy. We bring you an extensive report in the section Culture Media. In the same section you can find a portrait of the Hungarian actress Judit Brdos, who is the main character in the new Czech movie Fair Play. The movie runs in cinemas and at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

A new face of a modern Budapest this time its the New York cafe - is the topic of our next article, which our readers can find in the section Trivia, sports, humor.

In the section Private history we publish another chapter of our Family stories series.

In the section We found out we inform about the new Hungarian restaurant in Prague. We also inform our readers about the passing away of the priest Lszl Burin, who was the holder of the Vclav Benda price.