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2014/5 resumé



In this year's fifth issue of the magazine Prágai Tükör in the section Society – a chronicle we inform that Anna Rákóczi, the chairperson of the Union of Hungarians living in the Czech lands, received a high Hungarian state award. The Hungarian president János Áder awarded the award for her significant and long-term activity in favor of the Hungarian minority in the Czech Republic.

The section also presents two materials regarding a traditional socio-cultural weekend of the Union in Kouty in Southern Moravia.

The section Czechs and Hungarians publishes an article about the performance of the Hungarian doctor Tamás Jordán in Moravia. The author of the article is the publicist László Kiss.

The section Carpathian Basin informs about a speech given by a Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and presented at this year's annual meeting of Hungarian ambassadors in Budapest.

The section Scientists, Inventors, Travelers presents an article about the importance of János Neumann, a scientist, a mathematician and a physicist. The author of the material is Ernő Ozogány.

The same writer is the author of the article about the famous writer Emma Orczy, who was born in Hungary but became famous in England and wrote her novels in English. The material published in the section Views of the Past.

The same section also features a remarkable material on the history of the association of Hungarian students in Brno - KAFEDIK. The author of the article is Tünde Ambrus.

As usual, the Culture – Media section is also particularly rich. We present a major article about the work of the Hungarian film director Zoltán Fábri, actor György Cserhalmi and we inform, that Jiří Menzel once again directed in Budapest, this time it was Mozart's opera. István H. Tóth, a university professor, wrote an interesting article about the contemporary sense of humor.

A new side of a modernizing Budapest - this time a project of the National Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest - is presented in an article published in the section Attractions, Sport, Humor.

The section Private Histories features the next episode of Family stories.