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2005/3 resum



The 2005/3 issue of the journal Prgai Tkr begins with an interview with the Hungarian ambassador to the Czech Republic Istvn Szab who reviews the most important events of his first year in office and evaluates the current state of the Czech-Hungarian political relations. In the A Few Books section, there are three reviews. Ilona Gl and Pavel Sladk write about the Czech translation of Sndor Tar's novel Szrke galamb (The Gray Pidgeon). Ferenc Farkas reviews Lszl Gulys's book about two regions of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Zoltn Kokes introduces a new book about the organisations of Hungarian minorities in Western Europe. The Some Literature section presents the chapter about Bohemia from Mrton Szepsi Csombor's travel book Europica Varietas written in 1620. In the Our History section, we start Helena Noskov's study about the Hungarian minority in Slovakia after World War II. In the first part of the three-part-series, on the bases of archives documents, the author analyses the circumstances of the deportation of members of the Hungarian minority into the Czech parts of the former Czechoslovakia. The About Languages - About Our Language section brings Gza Balzs' article about the humour of the Hungarian language. There are several contributions in the Meeting of Cultures section. Vladimr ha writes about the concert of Budapest Festival Orchestra with the conductor Ivn Fischer. Pavel Sladk reviews the Hungarian films shown on the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - this year Mrta Mszros: A temetetlen halott (The Unburied Man), ron Gauder: Nycker (District) and Adrian Robert Pejo: Dallas Pashamende. Michal Prochzka interviews the director of the Unburied Man, Mrta Mszros. The section ends with Linda Konov's review on Istvn Gal's film Sodrsban (Within the Current) made in 1964. Czech literature is represented in the journal by a short story written by Miroslav Hornek and translated by Margit Zdor.

In the supplement of the journal, (T)krkp, Ferenc Farkas writes about the Hungarian historic sites in Cracow. Dvid Csszr describes his stay in the USA as well as the Work and Travel project. Tnde Ambrus analyses the interest of students in the events held by the Association of Hungarians. Kornlia Dienes reports on the Prague - The Heart of Nations festival. Zoltn Kokes writes about the commemoration ceremony held in honour of Jnos Esterhzy and the recently established Artr Grgey Association that was founded in order to care for the Czech-Hungarian scientific relations. Szilvssy Katalin reports on the concert of the legendary Hungarian rock group Omega that was held in Prague recently. There is an interview with Anna Szcs who has lived in Prague for more than fifty years. The Hungarian Nobel Price winners series presents Elie Wiesel. The supplement ends with the Children's Pages.