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2006/5 resumé



The opening part of this issue of Prágai Tükör is a tribute to the seventy-year-old Václav Havel. In the interview, the former Czech President recalls the 1970s and 1980s and his relation with the Czech underground music of that time. In the Our History section, we bring the second part of Eva Irmanová's article „The displacement of the German speaking minority from Hungary between 1945 and 1948”. There are several essays related to the 50th anniversary of the 1956 anticommunist uprising in Hungary. In „The missed opportunity?”, Tamás Berkes highlights the echo of the uprising in the former Czechoslovakia and compares the social situation in the two countries in the 1950s. The Association of Hungarians in Brno, the Masaryk University, the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Prague Hungarian Embassy organized a conference in Brno to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1956 uprising. We present the lectures of the conference that focus on the reasons and the development of the uprising, its reception in Czechoslovakia and the place of the uprising within the history of totalitarian regimes in Central Europe. The Treasure Hunting section is also connected with the events of 1956. During the 1968's Prague Spring, Osvald Machatka wrote an article called Another anniversary that was published on the 10th anniversary of Imre Nagy's execution in the Literární listy weekly in June 1968. This was the first article within the Soviet Block to report openly about the suppression of the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and the following punishment. There is also a short story about the uprising by the contemporary writer András Pályi called „Counter-revolution”. In the Meeting of Cultures section, Malvína Toupalová reviews a new film directed by Andor Szilágyi. “Mansfeld - from a higher point of view” was recently presented in Prague during the Film Festival of Central European Countries. The article is followed by an interview with Ladislav Kadlec who has been choosing Hungarian films for broadcasting on Czech TV for more than fifteen years. The next review is also related to cinematography: it is about the Hungarian film “Werckmeister Harmonies” directed by Béla Tarr, recently broadcast by the Czech TV. The next article invites the readers to a theatre performance, to the Dejvice Theatre for a play called “Sorrel, roasted potatoes” by Zoltán Egressy. There are two articles in the About Languages - about our Language section. Tünde Mészáros presents the results of a psycholinguistic survey carried out among Hungarians in Hungary and ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia. István H. Tóth writes about his experience with teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. The translator Margit Zádor prepared another mini-profile for our journal. This time she presents the contemporary Czech writer Jiří Robert Pick and two of his short stories (Before storm and after storm, Party with uncle Josef).

In the supplement Tükörkép, Zoltán Kokes reviews the autumn festivals of Hungarian culture organized by the Association of Hungarians in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Teplice. Attila Detáry informs about the programmes held in Brno in detail, especially the monument erected in Telnice near Brno - as a tribute to the Hungarian soldiers killed during the Austerlitz Battle. Éva Weszely writes about the meeting of representatives of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia. The journal ends with the Children's Corner describing some Advent and Christmas customs.